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Foster Application

Applicant's Full Name:
Apartment/Unit #:
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Answering Machine?:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
E-mail Address:
Employer Address:
Employer's City:
Employer's State:
Employer's Zip Code:
Spouse’s Name:
Spouse / other adult employer:
Spouse's / other adult's Occupation:
# of Adults in Household:
# of Children:
Ages of Children: Please separate ages with commas.:
Are all the adults in the household aware that you are fostering a dog / puppy?:
Who will have primary responsibility for this pet and state the age::
Does anyone in the household have pet allergies or asthma?:
If Yes, who?:
What type of dog/cat are you interested in fostering?:
Residence Type:
If you rent, does your lease allow animals?:
Are there any weight/breed restrictions?:
If yes, please describe?:
Management company or landlord name:
Management company or landlord phone:
Is your yard fenced?:
If Yes, height:
Type of fence:
If your yard is NOT fenced, are you willing to fence it in?:
If No, what method of restraint do you intend to use?:
Do you have a pool?:
If Yes:
Is there a fence around it?:
Will your foster be an inside dog?:
Will the foster be allowed outside unattended during the day / night?:
Will your foster ride in the back of a pick-up truck?:
How many hours a day will the dog / puppy be left alone?:
If confined in a room, which room?:
If crated, in which room?:
How often and what kind of exercise will you give your foster?:
Are there times when your dog / puppy will be tied outside?:
If Yes, when?:
Do you travel or relocate frequently?:
If Yes, please explain::
Please list the animals you currently have: Please list Name, Species, Age, M/F, Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinations Up to Date, Where is the animal now?:
Please list the animals you have had in the past as an adult: Please list Name, Species, Age, M/F, Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinations Up to Date, Where is the animal now?:
What heartworm preventative have you given your dogs?:
What flea & tick treatment have you given your dogs?:
Have you ever given away, sold, or surrendered an animal?:
If the answer is Yes, what were the circumstances and to whom?:
What method of training / discipline will you use?:
How were your previous pets trained / disciplined?:
Some animals are either Not housetrained, or, when introduced to new surroundings, stressed or as an attention getter, will have housetraining issues. Are you prepared to deal with this?:
How will you correct him / her if an accident occurs?:
What method do you intend to use for housetraining?:
How long do you think it takes to housetrain a dog / puppy?:
Do you know how dogs get heartworm disease?:
If Yes, how?:
Are you able to attend at least 2 adoption events per month?:
Are you willing to allow a representative of PAWS Rescue to visit where the foster will be living?:
Are you willing to allow a representative of PAWS to contact your personal veterinarian?:
If Yes, veterinarian name:
Veterinarian's phone:
I certify that the information above is true and understand that false information will result in nullification of adoption. Please enter your full name.:
I also certify that neither I, nor anyone living in my household, has ever been investigated for or charged with animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Please enter your full name.:
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